New 2024 Life Members

During our 2023 AGM, where yet another positive off field result was reported by the Executive Committee, was capped off with Steven Lock (our Life Member Committee chairperson) announcing the successful nominations of both Greg Bowman & Charlie Krueger as Life Members of MFNC.

Both nominations were met with unanimous approval from all those in attendance.

Greg has served on the Executive Committee since 2011, and has committed to his 11th year as Club President in 2024. Not enough words can be said about Greg's contribution to the club. He has been instrumental in the development of a sustainable sporting program for Men and Women both on and off the field. He never compromises the club values and is always conscious of our role in the broader Mont community. It was also great to see the Bowman family in attendance to witness this tremendous achievement.

Charlie is a 3 time winner of our Fred Squire Award for Best Club Person, and a much loved and admired servant of our club. He is most recognised for his efforts as our men’s & women’s Hydration Manager however this only scratches the surface of the vast contribution Charlie makes all year round. He will often double hat as our resident maintenance manager, kitchen chef etc…no job is too big or too small, and he never seeks our recognition.

Congratulations again to both Greg & Charlie, and thankyou to Steven (the one pictured with hair) and the wider Life Member community for welcoming in Member # 70 & 71 to this illustrious club.