Rising star


DASHING defender Bill Jenkin (pictured below, to the right in leadership group photo) has taken his game to a new level in what has been an up and down 2017 season for Mont. Here he shares some thoughts with ANDREW BRASIER  on his footy influences and the future of the club... 


Player Q and A with Bill Jenkin


1. Age: 21


2. Nickname: Beej 


3. Favoured playing position: Half-back flank


4. Biggest influence of playing career: A lot of my influences have come from my current teammates whom I like to 


take bits and pieces from their game and try to adapt it to my game in some way if I can. I like to take something out 


of the way guys like Benny Walton, Jesse Donaldson, Steve McCallum and all of the other experienced senior guys in 


the side. 


5. Favourite drink: Sloe Gin


6. Favourite food: Fettuccine carbonara 


7. Most annoying teammate: Stevie McCallum because he never stops chirping. One of the blokes you would hate playing against but just love playing with.


8. Where do you see the club in two years: I would love to see the club be one of the strongest clubs in division one 


and playing finals football. We understand we have got some developing still to do, but we're pretty excited about the 


road ahead with a lot of young talent coming through.



 Season completed



 Season completed