Monty women rule


A lot has been said about the evolvement of the women's game in Australian Rules in the last two years, but we have photographic proof that some form of women's footy was happening back in the day at Montmorency.
Long-time supporter Roger Barnett has provided the Mont website with a photo of Mont women kitted out in the distinctive black and white jumper dating back to the late 1940s or early 1950s.The photo features Roger's mum, Glady (fourth from left front row), and other local girls/women. Her husband, Charles, (Roger's dad) was a premiership player for Mont (1951 and 1954). We believe Barbara Bakewell, sister of of another Mont player, John Bakewell, is pictured fifth from left in the back row. It was taken at the Para Road oval and one of the opposing players, wearing the green and white Greensborough jumper, can be seen in the background.So Mont is proud to say that women's footy was happening at the home of footy a long time before it became fashionable.We are happy to add to this story if anyone can help us with more detail. Just contact the club at any home game.



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 Season completed